Every building is governed by energy-fields which are termed as Devtas, these comprise a vital element of MahaVastu™.

Man makes structures and buildings to perform certain functions in a building. As soon as space is enclosed, it starts behaving as a scaled down model of the Universe. Different energy-fields emerge automatically. These energy-fields react with human consciousness. They alter, blend and redirect consciousness as per their own attributes.

There are 45 such major energy-fields in a building that control and influence consciousness, and 980 minor energy-fields. These energy-fields are termed as Devtas in Sanskrit. The meaning of the word Dev is, 'the one who is self-Illuminating'. As per the property of the energy-field, their names were derived. In a building, the combination of 45 Devtas is called Vastu Purush Mandala the one who is carrying 45 energy fields is Vastu Dev. These 45 energy fields or Devtas are mentioned in detail in Vedas.

The presence of these Devtas has been felt at a specific place in any building. Exactly the same form of energy (corresponding to a Devta) gets developed in exactly the same portion/place/space, in a building, when it is constructed, forming a grid, which has been termed as Vastu Purush Mandala.

It's really interesting to know the attributes of these fields. For example, Indra is Devta or presiding God of East and contains the power of controlling influence. Symbolically, Indra is considered as mind, the ruler of 5 physical senses. In a society, Indra represents the ruling power that connects and binds people together.

Yama is the God of absolute rest and power to bring any phenomena to completion. Completion of one's life on this planet is considered as death; so in Hindu Vedic philosophy Yama is perceived as the God of death also. Varuna is the observer and controller of worldly affairs, the presiding Devta of West. Gods of all the seas on Earth is also Varuna. He is responsible for creating the governing protocols of the world.

Soma is a Vedic god of elixir of life and presiding Devta of North zone. He also has properties of healing and sexual power. Transformation of sexual energy in elixir is governed by Soma. Bhudhar carries the power to manifest. Aryama has the power to connect with the world in order to (find a mating companion to) sustain the process of evolution. Vivaswan controls the change, which in turn initiates (manifestation of) the whole existence.

Mitra, which has been invoked repeatedly in Atharvaveda, carries the power of holding the world together; and, Aapaha boosts your immune system. In Vedic literature Aapah is perceived as power that is responsible for all the flows in Universe. Sometimes that very meaning comes very close to the flow of a river. So Aapah is responsible to preserve the flow of life by empowering the immune system.

Now you can imagine, why you are the way you are! Hindus in the past clearly defined the attributes of these energy fields; they developed the art of perfect placement of different activities to experience the peak performance in their actions. Based on this understanding, they made temples to such a great precision so as to fulfill their wishes. VastuShastri Khushdeep Bansal believes that old Hindu temples are ideal examples of the application of the Alchemy of Space. The same knowledge tools are used in MahaVastu™ to solve problems or to achieve your targets.